What do you dream of when you dream of your new home? Is it the panoramic view from the windows, or the luxurious space? Or is it style and atmosphere you’re after, perhaps? Maybe you require something more specific, like a south-facing property or a single-story home. Be clear about your must-haves before you start house-hunting, so they don’t get forgotten among all the other temptations. Here are some potential wants for you to consider.

Sunny rooms are cheerful and welcoming, and a home full of daylight will help you beat the blues any day, even when the sun isn’t shining. Natural light pouring through your windows may show up the dust a little, but that’s a minor price to pay for such a bonus. If light is important to you, make sure you get it.

If you’re a sun-lover or keen gardener, you’ll probably want a property that faces the midday sun, to catch it at its strongest. You’ll want to avoid being overshadowed by trees, buildings or hills too, however pleasant they may look. View your potential new home at different times of day to see how the shadows fall. You may want somewhere high up or by water, or perhaps you’re a city-lover and need to be near shops and places of culture. Try to prioritize your location preferences at the start.

You may be on the lookout for a house of character – endearingly antiquated, perhaps, or stunningly modern. Try to clarify what sort of style you’d really like to help you sift through the options and seek out the one for you. Bear in mind that extremes of style may be hard to alter if you get tired of them, so consider the future as well as your mood of the moment to ensure a safe choice.

It can be hard to find a property that’s perfect inside and out. A gorgeous house may sit at the top of a steep, uneven strip of land, for instance. Think ahead about which matters more to you – the building or the grounds, to avoid a tricky decision. If you’ve always wanted a pretty garden or a swimming pool, or some other outdoor feature, make sure you get it, or at least space to put it, or you’ll regret the omission ever after.

You may be moving for practical reasons, in which case, keep these at the front of your mind as you view the range on the market. If you’re moving to accommodate mobility needs, for instance, make sure you don’t end up living at the top of a flight of steps. Again, if you’re looking for a home suitable for children, pets or a particular interest of yours, make sure to factor in those needs first. It can be easier said than done to remember these aspects when you’re being shown around a super property by a persuasive selling agent, so a cool head is crucial.

Do you dream of a great, rambling house with rolling lawns to roam through? If so, go for them if you can. Size is not always matched by price, so if you’re prepared to do some improvements to your new home, or live in a less popular area, you may be lucky enough to find a big house at an affordable price. Even if money is no object, you’ll need to keep that need for space firmly in focus when viewing smaller properties with tempting attractions.

Occasionally, a surprise choice can prove a brilliant one, even if it contradicts all the wants on a buyer’s list, so keep an open mind as you consider the options. Whatever you choose, it’ll soon feel like home, especially when you uncork the champagne.