Your funds may not stretch to paying for professional home staging but there is plenty you can do yourself. By spending very little, you can revamp your home and increase your sale price. Here’s how to stage your home on a budget.

A fresh coat of paint for all your walls is the best place to spend what money you may have. Choose a light, neutral color to enhance the feeling of space. If a complete repaint is beyond your budget, take a look at the worst areas and tackle just those. You can use a small tin of paint in a complimentary shade to make a feature wall or to highlight an alcove.

Look at your windows. Are you allowing as much light as possible to enter the house? Take down heavy drapes and replace them with light and airy window dressings. Cream or white muslin is the perfect inexpensive fabric for softening window edges, yet still letting in plenty of light.

In the kitchen, buyers like to see lots of counter space, not lots of clutter. Keep your utensils and appliances out of sight. You can leave just one on display; a coffee-maker is ideal. Add a couple of new cookery books or a bowl of fresh oranges, lemons and limes for a splash of color.

Do you have an eating area? If you can fit a small table and two chairs into your kitchen, then do so. This shows the buyer it is an eat-in kitchen. If you don’t have a suitable table, then buy a cheap plastic one. Cover with a tablecloth and decorate with a vase of fresh flowers.

In the living area, try rearranging the furniture to improve the layout and free up space. If possible, take all the furniture out of a room then put back in only what is really necessary. If your sofa is looking a little tired, an attractive throw and brightly colored cushions can dress it up.

Give every room a purpose. Turn your junk room into an office or a guest room. It is simple to stage a bedroom using an inexpensive air mattress as a bed and storage boxes as a base. Just cover them with a valance sheet! Dress the bed with colorful pillows. You don’t need to buy an expensive throw. Purchase a length of beautiful fabric and lay it across the foot of the bed to add a designer touch.

Inexpensive lamps, mirrors and plants are very effective when it comes to staging your home. Try hanging a mirror above the fireplace or at the end of a short hallway. Notice the effect it can have on space and light. You can experiment with different positions. For example, a floor lamp behind a potted plant draws the eye and adds depth to a room.

When you think you have finished staging your home, take photos of each room and try to view them through a buyer’s eyes. This should highlight any adjustments you need to make.

No matter what your budget, you can do your own home staging to successfully sell your home and increase your sale price.